Social Media Marketing – Keep it Simple

By now, it’s really no mystery that including social media as part of a digital marketing strategy (or any marketing strategy, for that matter) is a must. Unfortunately, many small businesses never make it past the initial setup of their business’ profile. May I submit my guesses:
  1. Small business owners have no extra time to devote to posting updates, let alone engaging with their communities.
  2. The sheer number of platforms can be overwhelming.
These are all valid reasons for someone to neglect a business’ social media. Unfortunately, you really can’t neglect your social media. If you do, you run the risk of never developing great relationships with your customers and losing credibility with today’s connected consumer. There’s no need to stress, though. My advice is simple: stop spreading yourself so thin. It’s always better to be excellent at a few things than mediocre at many. That’s how you should always approach your social media strategy. By limiting yourself to just two or three profiles, you now have the capability of creating a very strong brand presence by regularly posting content and engaging with your community. Fans will love your quick response time and competitors will marvel at your jaw-dropping consistency. At the end of the day, being available and adding value to your community is the number-one goal. Never having to stress about missing something? Well, that’s just gravy.