Going “With Mitt” to Amercia

After Romney’s nomination-clinching victory in the Texas primary on Tuesday, his campaign released its “With Mitt” mobile app. Unfortunately, it was before they gave it one more proof-reading.

If the SIPP Index has proven one thing, it’s that what campaigns do in the digital realm is really really important. Campaign websites are the main fundraising platform and social networks allow them to share information in real time with their supporters.

Face, meet palm. Yes, the now infamous “Amercia” typo will go down in history with other famous political typos and gaffes, but it has provided a boost for Romney in the SIPP. A Google News search yields over 20,000 search results for “Amercia”. The typo has also led to serious Twitter traffic and resulted in its own Tumblr account. In fact, Romney was behind Obama in Twitter mentions when we tallied them up on Tuesday, but is ahead by almost 10,000 today.

“Amercia” definitely falls into the category of “any press is good press” and the sentiment around the event is generally positive. It also comes at a good time as the Obama campaign released a new video focusing on Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts. The video has gotten some press but not nearly as much as Romney’s gaffe.

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