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Our vision is simple. We want to create websites
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A Brief History

Founded in 1997 by Ryan Vartoogian, Spartan Internet Consulting quickly established itself as a pioneer in online marketing and strategy development. Now, with more than 30 experts and four offices nationally, we’re positioned better than ever to accelerate businesses online.

Our Approach

Our SECUR℠ approach to website development is both comprehensive and flexible. Simply put, it provides everything you want, while delivering only what you need. This 360 degree approach addresses the unique needs of all business and their customers. It’s common sense for us, and can mean an increase in profit you.

Our Values

We understand our success correlates directly with that of our clients. That’s why we conduct thorough website assessments and immerse ourselves in their business operations. By forging close relationships with our clients, we can produce fact-based strategic marketing recommendations, results, and ROI.

We have the expertise to bring your
visionary web design ideas to life.


Align your business with planning, design, and continual improvement.

Strategic Planning

Our expert internet consultants will identify growth opportunities and implement an action plan that will increase performance and decrease costs and time to market.

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Web Development

Web development is one of our specialties in our never-ending mission to help businesses grow and thrive on the Internet.

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Internet Marketing

Using the latest techniques in search engine marketing, social media marketing, content strategy and other tactics, we ensure that your website is driving traffic and generating business.

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From the ground up, we are your
online business architects.


Ryan Vartoogian is the President/CEO of Spartan Internet Consulting.

Ryan Vartoogian


As President of Spartan Internet Consulting, Ryan plays an active role in the creation of strategic solutions and drives his staff to consistently deliver the highest quality work. His unique management style and focused dedication to client results has driven a decade of successful Internet solutions. Ryan is committed to helping companies leverage the power of the Internet.

Gail Wickham is a Senior Consultant at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Gail Wickham


Gail has been employed in the computer technology industry for over three decades. His experience with thousands of different businesses, in software marketing and communication project management capacities, has generated a well-rounded knowledge that gives him unique insight into the significant opportunities that computer technology provides.

Jennifer Snow is a Project Manager at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Jennifer Snow


Jennifer leverages her advertising, media, and International Marketing Communication assets at Spartan Internet as a key component of project implementation. Jennifer uses her knowledge to oversee development and continuously improve robust solutions that meet client’s needs through implementation, and beyond.

Luke Moldenhauer is the Lead Interactive Designer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Luke Moldenhauer


As an interactive designer with a great depth of knowledge in video, animation, and computer graphics, Luke is responsible for the design, development, and output of multimedia content for our clients’ websites.

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Spartan Internet Consulting provides a multitude of client-focused services that have been refined by 15 years of expertise in a wide range of industries.



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