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How to: Selecting the right social media platform for your business strategy

Social media today has to be the “sexy” trend for marketing businesses online. Who can blame them though? The world is now more interactive than ever over the Internet. This allows businesses to scale their marketing campaigns to people they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise, and its very cost effective (…if not free if you’re good at it!). The social sharing world can be very powerful with the ever so famous “likes”, “pins”, and “retweets”. It is important however, to know your target audience and what types of social media they engage on before jumping onto the social media bandwagon (Hurry up its heavy!). There are a couple more things you need to ask yourself before you start your social media today. What does your business excel at? What do you hope to gain out of using social media? What will make your audience interested in what you have …


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