For 15 years, our diverse staff of experts has
provided holistic solutions to improve our
clients’ online business performance.

Ryan Vartoogian is the President/CEO of Spartan Internet Consulting.

Ryan Vartoogian


As President of Spartan Internet Consulting, Ryan plays an active role in the creation of strategic solutions and drives his staff to consistently deliver the highest quality work. His unique management style and focused dedication to client results has driven a decade of successful Internet solutions. Ryan is committed to helping companies leverage the power of the Internet.

Gail Wickham is a Senior Consultant at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Gail Wickham


Gail has been employed in the computer technology industry for over three decades. His experience with thousands of different businesses, in software marketing and communication project management capacities, has generated a well-rounded knowledge that gives him unique insight into the significant opportunities that computer technology provides.

Jennifer Snow is a Project Manager at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Jennifer Snow


Jennifer leverages her advertising, media, and International Marketing Communication assets at Spartan Internet as a key component of project implementation. Jennifer uses her knowledge to oversee development and continuously improve robust solutions that meet client’s needs through implementation, and beyond.

Luke Moldenhauer is the Lead Interactive Designer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Luke Moldenhauer


As an interactive designer with a great depth of knowledge in video, animation, and computer graphics, Luke is responsible for the design, development, and output of multimedia content for our clients’ websites.

Elise Henley is the User Interface Designer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Elise Henley


Elise balances the constraints and capabilities of the web to create great online experiences for our clients. With 8+ years of experience in the art of design online, she has designed experiences for clients ranging anywhere from local start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Elise’s specialties include graphic design, user interface design, and prototyping.

Kélé Smith is the Senior Designer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Kélé Smith


Specializing in visual design and UI/UX, Kélé is passionate about creating engaging and meaningful digital experiences. She creates elegant and intuitive interfaces that drive results. Kélé is committed to excellence and adherence to best practices.

Ashley Roberts is the Senior Account Manager at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Ashley Roberts


Ashley Roberts is a Senior Account Manager at Spartan Internet Consulting.”]With a background in Media Planning, Ashley understands the importance of digital marketing to clients’ success. Ashley works directly with clients to plan and coordinate internet marketing strategies that deliver successful results.

Joe Dulany is the Senior Web Developer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Joe Dulany


Since 2000, Joe has worked with a wide variety of internet technologies. He primarily specializes in creating smart web applications in ASP.NET/MS SQL, but also is proficient in UI design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Joe produces creative answers to complex challenges. He works hard to deliver solutions that are effective, intuitive and beautiful.

Kevin Collins is the Lead Web Developer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Kevin Collins


Kevin has a diverse background in many web related areas such as server management, network architecture, software development, and database administration. He uses these tools to be effective in accomplishing difficult multi-faceted tasks that may touch on one or more areas that arise.

Philip Laycock is the Web Developer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Philip Laycock


Philip programs websites while adhering to modern W3C standards with HTML and CSS. He develops applications using database driven queries with SQL and MySQL programming languages and creates dynamic websites using PHP, Javascript, and jQuery functions. Philip’s principles in building a web presence are exemplified through his disciplined maintenance and web development.

Alexandra Beswerchi is the Account Manager at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Alexandra Beswerchi


Alexandra leads projects for a portfolio of client accounts. Her degree in Public Relations helps her conduct performance analysis and consultation for both existing and new potential clients.

Kayla Freds is the Web/Graphic Designer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Kayla Freds


With a thorough knowledge in marketing and brand-driven design, Kayla creates innovative user experiences and unique design solutions. Her designs build and strengthen brands and help clients to achieve strategic goals through creative marketing.

Sam Carne is the Front End Web Developer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Sam Carne


Sam uses her front-end development expertise to bring designs to life. Solving complex problems, Sam stays ahead of the curve and lives and breathes html and css.

Dave Wilson is the Senior Developer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Dave Wilson


Dave has a bachelors in Computer Science from Michigan State University and has been programming for 15 years. He strives to write clean, efficient, unit-tested code to solve even the most complex problems. He has specialized in large scale content management systems with multi-site and multi-language administration.

Matt Williams is the Web Developer at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Matt Williams


Matt solves complex and practical programming problems that adhere and follow industry standards to provide reliable business critical solutions. As a Computer Science and Engineering major at Michigan State University, he is well versed in many languages including PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++, and HTML/CSS.

Cory Urbats is the Consultant at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Cory Urbats


Cory started her career at Spartan Internet as an intern and is now a Project Lead Manager and Consultant. She is currently studying Marketing at Michigan State University. Cory enjoys working with technology and likes to use her creativity to solve problems.

Ryan Sting is the Junior Consultant at Spartan Internet Consulting.

Ryan Sting


Ryan is currently a junior at Michigan State majoring in Marketing. He joined Spartan Internet as a Junior Consultant to integrate his creative skills in online marketing while also improving his analytical skills. He enjoys working with clients to improve their overall growth and success.

We pride ourselves in our ability to plan, implement and continuously improve web properties. We strive to achieve specific business results.

With a staff of 35 consultants, designers, developers, and marketing specialists, Spartan Internet has the capacity to provide a high degree of attention and expertise.


A Brief History

Founded in 1997 by Ryan Vartoogian, Spartan Internet Consulting quickly established itself as a pioneer in online marketing and strategy development. Now, with more than 30 experts and four offices nationally, we’re positioned better than ever to accelerate businesses online.

Our Approach

Our SECUR℠ approach to website development is both comprehensive and flexible. Simply put, it provides everything you want, while delivering only what you need. This 360 degree approach addresses the unique needs of all business and their customers. It’s common sense for us, and can mean an increase in profit you.

Our Values

We understand our success correlates directly with that of our clients. That’s why we conduct thorough website assessments and immerse ourselves in their business operations. By forging close relationships with our clients, we can produce fact-based strategic marketing recommendations, results, and ROI.

Spartan Internet has a proven track record of web consulting for large complex organizations ranging from Fortune 500 global corporations to start-ups.

This work includes website, mobile, social media, intranets and extranets.


Community Involvement

We partnered with Lansing School District, and the City of Lansing to form ITEC (Information Technology Empowerment Center). Its mission is to maximize the skills of Lansing-area individuals to prepare them for careers in our IT-based global economy. ITEC will be housed in the new Holmes Street facility with Spartan Internet to forge a hub for innovation in Mid-Michigan.
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Educational Empowerment
Since our beginning, we’ve offered internship opportunities for college students to help educate and train the next generation of professionals. Our team members take time to mentor college students as their way of giving back and remembering where they came from.
Junior Consulting Positions »
Mentoring and Junior Consulting
We also present at local and national events as often as we can. By presenting case studies and other examples of our expertise, we’re helping educate and energize audiences about the greatest and emerging online technologies.

We are actively involved in a number of organizations who share our values
of a strong and vibrant community.

• Lansing Chamber of Commerce
• Sparrow Foundation
• Big Brothers Big Sisters
• Capitol Area IT Council
• LCC Technology Advisory



Move beyond technology and see how your website fits within the bigger picture.

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We value long-term relationships with
our clients that are founded on
mutual trust and respect.


Spartan Internet developers created the first Internet-wide index for online
clinical performance.

This index has been able to predict online perceptions, allowing for the correct outcome of the past two
presidential elections six months before the general elections.

Presidential Election

Follow the Spartan Internet Political Performance Index to see how your 2012 Presidential candidates stack up in online media. Our ongoing analysis gives insight into the market positioning, reach, and overall performance of the candidates.

2012 Presidential Election »
2008 Presidential Election »


Comprised of over 650 quantitative factors, the SIPP Index measures the level of online support candidates receive from their constituents. By analyzing social, search, and news presence, we’re able to derive an online marketshare, indicating which candidate is likely to win the election.

How it’s Calculated »


Interested in keeping tabs on the SIPP Index? Check out press releases, blogs, and shareable content related to the 2012 Presidential election. You can also download official SIPP Index logos if you wish to reference the study in print or electronic format.

In the Media »

Spartan internet takes pride in its talented
group of employees. Our environment supports
team goals and individual efforts.



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